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Of the objectives of the association

Provide veterinary clinics and provide medical services to veterinary clinics and in the veterinary hospital and veterinary mobile clinics


Assembly News


start implementing the project veterinary mobile clinics

The Cooperative Association for livestock to develop the role of the veterinary services and by providing the best technology and equipment and veterinary supplies modern .

Near the opening of the first epic

Decide in the next few days, the opening of the first epic Assembly in the Riyadh region, will be announced on the date of the opening soon, and it will be accompanied by a full media coverage, and is the first in a series of epic sagas planned implementation.

Start a veterinary mobile clinics

Assembly this week launched a mobile service veterinary clinics, which serve a wide range of beneficiaries, and is operating this initial phase of a trial, where the beneficiary Bsttia service request electronically through the site..


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